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1st Steps Consulting

1st Steps Consulting

For every facet of business

With over 20 years of Management, Accounting, and Business Solutions expertise, our goal is to partner with you to maximize your business reputation.

Consulting Agency

For Every Business

With over 20 years of Management, Accounting, and Business Solutions expertise, our goal is to partner with you to maximize your business reputation.

What We Do

Back Office Operations

You did not start a business to spend time in accounting, market analysis or workforce development - but we did! Managing back office operations is our core competence. So let us take on your administrative responsibilities so you can spend more time doing what you love - serving customers and growing profit.


Grow by Solving Problems

The challenges it presents may seem daunting, but we help you approach change with confidence, adapt with purpose and embrace.

Data Analysis

We conduct questionnaires and personal interviews to create a client profile detailing financial objectives, current income, expenses, and other pertinent information, resulting in a plan that meets the client's overall, or specific agenda.

Financial Profit

We assist small business owners and entrepreneurs in developing a simple and easy-to-comprehend financial plan, accompanied by profit & loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements.

Workforce Development

We help businesses improve their performance and grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things. We work with companies to help develop their services, increase revenue as well as reduce costs and make savings.


To be a valued partner to our clients and an asset to our communities.

We Are Professionals

Professional Approach

and Quality Services

Past Performance Case Studies

QuickBooks Cleanup


Quickbooks setup; conversion, training and cleanup.


Set client up with a process that's easy and efficient, so that all financial information is accurate, reliable and easy to access.


Client was able to increase profitability and get back an average of 20 hours of their time per week through streamlined collaborations.

How We Work

4 Steps To Make Business Successful


We utilize creative & customized methods that tailor our work to the client’s environment to the maximum.

Know MoreAnalize


If you find out when and where
your business needs to go and how to get there then the real progress is made.

Know MoreAdvise


We deliver business results via
hands-on execution and leading teams through the complex change.

Know MoreStrategy


We provide valuable guidance and support in the development, which help you run a successful

Know MoreResult

With Respect To Each Customer

We Appreciate Clients

And Their Business

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Credit Restoration Affiliates

Become a part of our revenue sharing program. The commission rate for the affiliate program isn’t disclosed before anyone signs up. However, considering its popularity, you can expect to earn a generous amount of money.

Project Lead

We are home to a team of smart, driven consultants and leaders who come to work every day to think, grow, and achieve.

Business Solutions Analyst

We provide a hybrid of business and strategy acumen paired with the know-how to execute even tough client problems.

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